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ON WORLD WATER DAY – 23rd/03/2012. 


Theme: “Water and Food Security” 


International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.The theme chosen for 2012, “Water and food security”, seeks to further explore these two closely-related concepts, and the lack of which causes severe crisis in increasingly more areas across the world.


This remarkable international day was initiated at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). Tomira as usual will join the rest of the World to celebrate the Day on the 22nd March 2012.

Tomira, through its well established networks in Ugandawill be Joining Buhesi subcounty to launch its programs official by handing over two water tanks to Kiyombya primary school. All aimed at promoting public awareness on water and its impact on food security.



Some of the pupils of Kiyombya primary school in Buhesi subcounty witnessing the handover of two water tanks of 10000 litre capacity.

This facility is to be shared among, the school, Church and 5 families near the school

Why this launch on this day:

·        To increase public awareness about water as one of the fundamental factors for food production

·        An over view of the world water day 2012.i.e why the theme?

·        The critical role of water in achieving rural food security

·        Water harvesting techniques available in the country

·        The role of Tomira in the sector and in water development.



Donate a water Tnk

                                                         Way of participating

Donate   a water tank to Tomira for clean water


No. of people to access clean water







20000ltrs capacity



Community wells













 This campaign is aimed at improving access to clean water through rain water harvesting

We call upon you to donate in order to foster people’s lives in areas where people can’t have access to clean water.


 Apart from rain water harvesting, we are also setting up community spring wells which are managed at community level by members elected in the communities to safe guard and protect their clean water.







 A well before constructed by Tomira                                                      After construction by Tomira ng we










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While drought ravages swathes of             Drought conditions in the Horn of Africa
eastern Africa, on the other side                 have affected more than13 million
of the continent some communities             people and more than 9 million people in
in Uganda dry central have set                    Uganda are in need of TOMIRA food
up village granaries to help them                assistance.
through the lean season.
Supported by TOMIRA, the
granaries are mostly run by women.

    The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is a rebel group opposed to the Ugandan government. It is based in western Uganda with rear bases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It began as a minor group in the forested Ruwenzori mountain range along the border in 1996, but expanded its activities over the next several years. As of 2004, the ADF had been largely destroyed by the Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF).
but the scars of this conflict still exist, creating a regional humanitarian disaster that has left generations of children in crisis.

Children forced to fight

The nature and duration of the conflict created tremendous humanitarian, social, and economic costs for all of Uganda, particularly for children. Child protection has not been a priority for governments, despite national and international laws guaranteeing their basic rights.

 Throughout the conflict, ADF has left  estimated 30,000 to 66,000 children have been kidnapped over the course of war.

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